Lawn Care Specialists, Inc.

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Lawn Care Specialists, Inc.
Lawn Care Specialists, Inc.
Lawn Care Specialists, Inc.
Lawn Care Specialists, Inc.
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Our Services

From regular lawn care maintenance to landscape design and project management, we handle it all! Our services meet your year-long needs to keep your lawn and yard looking its best through all the seasons.

Aeration: Let your lawn breathe! Our core aeration will open up your lawn’s root zone to life-giving water and nutrients. Aeration also helps break down the thatch layer that builds up over time on all lawns.

Weeds: We’ll put down pre-emergent herbicides to stop weeks in their tracks. We’ll also keep your lawn thick and healthy so it can help choke out any stray weeds.

Insects: We monitor your turf for pests and control surface insects as part of your program. If insects appear, we’ll advise you on what steps are necessary to protect your lawn.

Christmas Décor: Too busy? Let us handle your Christmas display. From putting it up to taking it down, you can count on us to deliver a great Christmas display without all the hassle.

Fertilization: As the heart of your lawn program, we’ll give your lawn the nutrition it needs when it needs it. From early spring green-up to heavy, root-building treatments in the fall, we keep your grass healthy and looking great.

Gregson ECO-500 Injection System (for reduced pesticide use, increased efficiency and environmental friendliness): The Gregson ECO-500 Injection System has allowed us to convert from single-line blanket application to dual-line injection spraying. In other words, while applying fertilizer to your lawn, we’re now able to selectively apply a weed control product instantaneously…simply by pulling a second trigger on the spray gun. This is the most technologically advanced system available today, and it’s unmatched by anything our competitors have to offer.

We can now apply weed control products and pesticides only where they’re needed. In fact the ECO-500 has enabled us to reduce our pesticide use by up to 50%.

Click here to learn about our Classic 5-Service Program